Vol 2, No 2 (2012)


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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Person-centered healthcare: addressing chronic illness and promoting future health PDF
Andrew Miles, Juan E. Mezzich 149-152
Geneva Declaration on Person-centered Care for Chronic Diseases PDF
The International College of Person-centered Medicine 153-154

Fourth Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine: Education in person-centered medicine

Education in person-centered medicine: Indian perspectives PDF
Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, P.N. Suresh Kumar 155-158
Latin American educational perspectives for medicine focused on the person PDF
Ciro Maguina-Vargas, Jorge Gonzalez-Mendoza 159-160
Transformative scale-up of health professional education PDF
Manuel Dayrit 161-164

Fourth Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine: Person-centered integrative diagnosis (PID)

Reinstating the concept of ‘syndrome’ in psychiatric nosology: a strategic step back for moving the field ahead PDF
Claudio Banzato, Clarissa R. Dantas 165-167
Comorbidity, psychiatric diagnosis and the Person-centered Integrative Diagnostic Model PDF
Ihsan M. Salloum, Mohammed T. Abou-Saleh, Valery Krasnov 168-172
Finding common ground: the role of integrative diagnosis and treatment planning as a pathway to person-centered care PDF
Neal Adams 173-178
The dynamic origins of positive health and wellbeing PDF
C. Robert Cloninger, Ihsan M. Salloum, Juan E. Mezzich 179-187
Towards a Health Experience Formulation for Person-centered Integrative Diagnosis PDF
Juan Mezzich 188-192
Strengths and protective factors in person-centered integrative diagnosis. PDF
Janet Wallcraft, Elena Gayvoronskaya, Ihsan M. Salloum 193-195
Categories, Dimensions and Narratives for Person-centered Diagnostic Assessment PDF
Michel Botbol, Claudio E. M. Banzato, Luis Salvador-Carulla 196-200
Evaluators and assessment process in Person-centred Integrative Diagnosis PDF
Janet Wallcraft, Michaela Amering, Sigrid Steffen, Ihsan M. Salloum 201-204
Conceptual challenges of the construct ‘functioning and disabilities’ in the person-centered framework PDF
Luis Salvador-Carulla, Javier E. Saavedra, Mencia Ruiz 205-213

Fourth Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine: Person-centered special developments

The revision of the Latin American Guide for Psychiatric Diagnosis (GLADP) and an initial survey on its utility and prospects PDF
Javier Esteban Saavedra, Juan E. Mezzich, Angel Otero, Ihsan M. Salloum 214-221
The evolving WFMH-ICPCM collaborative project through dialogue and partnership: Perspectives from the World Federation for Mental Health PDF PDF
Mohammed Abou-Saleh, Helen Millar 222-227
Person-centered medicine: a partnership approach PDF
Janet Wallcraft, Michaela Amering, Sigrid Steffen, Salloum Ihsan 228-233
Levels of client satisfaction following the application of a person-centered management approach in persons suffering with Schizophrenia PDF
Jitendra Kumar Trivedi, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Sujit Kumar Kar 234-239
Application of person-centered medicine in addiction PDF
Ralph Tarter, Levent Kirisci, Ty Ridenour, Debra Bogen 240-249
Young health professionals’ perspectives on the significance of person-centred medicine for future directions in healthcare PDF
Nikos Christodoulou 250-252

Regular Articles

Collective learning, change and improvement in health care: piloting a facilitated learning initiative with general practice teams PDF
S. Bunniss, F. Gray, Diane Kelly 253-262
The Medication Adherence Report Scale (MARS-5) in a Swedish sample with bipolar disorder - a pilot study PDF
Annika Bäck, Karolina Andersson Sundell, Robert Horne, Mikael Landén, Ann-Charlotte Mårdby 263-270
Lower pain thresholds in women with chronic pelvic pain: recognizing the role of anxiety and depression as part of person-centered approaches to treatment PDF
Liana Gomide, Mary Lourdes Lima de Souza Montenegro, Antônio Alberto Nogueira, Omero Benedicto poli Poli, Júlio César Rosa e Silva, Francisco José Candido dos Reis 271-278
How to improve the quality of medical hospital treatment and person-centered care: working conditions and job satisfaction as preconditions for satisfying medical care in German hospitals PDF
Stefanie Mache, Karin Vitzthum, Burghard F. Klapp, David A. Groneberg 279-287
Detection and management of hospital malnutrition: General guidelines versus “on the ward” sensitization. PDF
Celine Michel, Anne Spinewine, Ariane Mouzon, Jean-Daniel hecq, Jacques Jamart, Alain Dive, bruno krug 288-293
Does clinical handover promote situation awareness? Implications for person-centered healthcare PDF
Cinzia Pezzolesi, Tanya Manser, Fabrizio Schifano, Andrzej Kostrzewski, John Pickles, Harriet Nicholls, Daniel Fishman, Arshad Mubarik, Soraya Dhillon 294-300
Evaluation of the training program efficiency on medical errors and patient safety PDF
Bruno Krug, Anne-Sophie Cornet, veronique nonet, jacques jamart, Isabelle Labar, veronique gerard, François-Marie gerard, dominique van pee 301-305
Person-centered public health promotion: an overview and a plea PDF
Wolfgang Rutz 306-309

Book Reviews

Spiritual Care At The End Of Life; The Chaplain as a Hopeful Presence (Nolan, S). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2012. ISBN 978-1-84905-199-6 PDF
Margot Elizabeth Lindsay 310-315
Hearing the Person with Dementia; Person-Centred Approaches to Communication for Families and Caregivers. (McCarthy, B.) London: Jessica Kingsley, 2011. ISBN 978-1-84905-186-6 PDF
Margot Elizabeth Lindsay 316-317
Professional Boundaries in Social Work and Social Care; A Practical Guide to Understanding, Maintaining and Managing Your Professional Boundaries. (Cooper, Frank) London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012. ISBN 978-1-84905-215-3 PDF
Margot Elizabeth Lindsay 318-319
A Practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation: Person-centered Practice in Health and Social Care, (Sanderson, H. & Lewis, J). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2011. ISBN 978-1-84905-194-1. PDF
Margot Elizabeth Lindsay 320-322


Upgrading the ICPCM institutional website and interactions with related ones (IJPCM and GLADP websites) PDF
Roger Montenegro 323-325
Towards a person centered, “mind oriented” model of suicide PDF
María Dolores Braquehais 326-327

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