Young health professionals’ perspectives on the significance of person-centred medicine for future directions in healthcare

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Nikos Christodoulou


The advent of Person-Centred Medicine not only offers the opportunity for reflection and ethical adjustment of current clinical practice, but also offers the chance to shape the future directions of healthcare. This may be best achieved by alerting young professionals to the leverage of this important movement. To this effect, the Young Health Professionals’ Group on Person-Centred Medicine was formed, in order to bring together young thinkers and stimulate further exploration of Person-Centred Medicine and its potential applications. The group has explored several topics relevant to Person-Centred Medicine, including preventive medicine and professional development and has managed to expose unique perspectives pertinent specifically to younger professionals, but has also ventured beyond that. The current plan is to continue nurturing the group and to support its creative potential.

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Fourth Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine: Person-centered special developments


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