Vol 1, No 3 (2011)


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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Person-centered Medicine: advancing methods, promoting implementation PDF
Andrew Miles, Juan E. Mezzich 423-428

Third Geneva Conference on Person-centred Medicine: Institutional, Primary Care and Public Health Perspectives

International Alliance of Patients’ Organization’s New Strategic Plan Involving Person-Centred Care
Joanna Groves 429-432
Person-centered medicine and primary healthcare: academic perspectives PDF
Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, Varghese P Punnoose 433-434
Reflections on Public Health : principles for a person-centred promotion of mental and physical health PDF
Wolfgang Rutz 435-439
Treatment Planning as a Strategy for Promoting Person-Centered Care PDF
Neal Adams 440-445

Third Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine: Person-centered Clinical Care Procedures

The Revision of the Latin American Guide for Psychiatric Diagnosis (GLADP): a person centered approach to international classification PDF
Javier E. Saavedra, Angel Otero, Ihsan Salloum, Juan E. Mezzich 446-455
Development of Instruments and Evaluative Procedures on Contributors to Illness and Health PDF
C. Robert Cloninger, Kevin M. Cloninger 456-459
Child-centered medical care PDF
James Appleyard 460-462

Third Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine: Regional Perspectives on Person-centered Care

Making health care more person-centred in low and middle income countries: a consideration of possible strategies with an emphasis on south-east Asia PDF
Jitendra Kumar Trivedi, Anubhav Rathi, Abdul Qadir Jilani 463-467
South Asian person-centered psychiatric healthcare projects: an exploratory overview PDF
Jitendra Kumar Trivedi, Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, Yongyuth Pongsupap, Abdul Qadir Jilani 468-474

Regular Articles

Healthcare professionals’ understanding of patient safety: relevance to the development of person-centered medicine PDF
Konstantinos Arfanis, Andrew Smith 475-481
Person-centered medicine and the sociocultural approach in psychotherapy PDF
Evgeni Nikolaev 482-485
Hope modifies the association between burnout and self-perceived medical errors among practising physicians: implications for person-centered medicine PDF
Yasuaki Hayashino, Makiko Ozaki, Shunichi Fukuhara 486-493
Dealing with the complexity of health-related risk communication: philosophical and cognitive aspects behind “informed consent” within a person-centered context PDF
Daniele Chiffi, Francesca Foltran, Dario Gregori 494-500
The impact of sense of coherence on quality of life and self-care ability after an interactive patient education programme for patients with heart failure PDF
Patrik Lynga, Mårten Rosenqvist, Ann Langius-Eklöf 501-506
Self blame and fears among peri-operative hip fracture patients: a qualitative study PDF
Fiona Webster, Kathleen Rice, Richard Jenkinson Jenkinson, Merrick Zwarenstein, Hans Kreder 507-513
Use of Mind-Body Medicine and Improved Self-Rated Health: Results from a National Survey PDF
Long T. Nguyen, Roger B Davis, Ted J Kaptchuk, Russell S Phillips 514-521
Impact of the inter-professional team approach in the development of person-centered health care within an orthopaedic out-patient clinic PDF
Stephen J Edmondston, Stuart Waters, Robyn Timms, Piers J Yates 522-526
Choice, appropriateness and adequacy of care for older people: utilising patients and professionals views to identify future service improvements. PDF
Emma Stanmore 527-533
Patient experiences of their clinical management by Extended Scope Physiotherapists following attendance at an Orthopaedic Clinical Assessment Service. PDF
Anne Coyle, Christine Carpenter 534-541
Holism, Homeostasis and Harmony PDF
Richard Rawlins 542-546
Loss and Tomorrow’s Doctors: how the humanities can contribute to personal and professional development PDF
Victoria Tischler 547-552
The development of a screening test for suicide risk in 10-to-15- year-old school children: a tool for people-centered public health PDF
Ming-shun Chung, Hsien-jane Chiu, Wen-jung Sun, Chieh-nan Lin, Chien-cheng Kuo, Wei-che Huang, Ying-sheue Chen, Hui-ping Cheng, Pesus Chou 553-558
A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Computerized Decision Aid for Patients Considering Radioactive Iodine RemnantAblation: developing person-centered medicine for thyroid cancer. PDF
Anna M. Sawka, Soumia Meiyappan, Dana David, Sharon E. Straus, Amiram Gafni, James D. Brierley, Richard W. Tsang, Gary Rodin, Lorne Rotstein, Shereen Ezzat, David P. Goldstein 559-563
Staff wellbeing predicting positive attitudes towards mental health recovery PDF
Lindsay Oades, Rebecca Walker, Naomi Fisher 564-573
The relationship between the Pediatric Outcomes Data Collec-tion Instrument and functional impairment in developmentally delayed Chinese children and their parents’ health: implications for child and family-centered medicine PDF
Ru-Lan Hsieh, Ming-I Lin, Hsiao-Yuan Huang, Wen-Chung Lee 574-580
Person-centred medicine and professional development PDF
Nikos Christodoulou, Rodrigo Ramalho, Maria Larsson, Olga Karpenko 581-584
Implementing a person-centred model of service delivery and practice in neurological rehabilitation: theoretical and practical considerations PDF
Shawab Mir, Christine Carpenter 585-591
A medicine of personal meaning does not necessarily depend on health or healing PDF
Stephen Buetow 592-597
The patient's subjective dimension within a Psychiatry for the Person - PDF
Rebecca Schennach, Michael Riedel, Hans-Jürgen Möller 598-605
Person-centered medicine and chronic disease: the role of interdisciplinary education and treatment adherence PDF
Cathy Boyle, Gerardus Post, Philip Masel, Paul Fulbrook, Kevin Clark, Grad Cert 606-611
Information sharing within an early intervention person-centered service for children with disabilities: A team’s perspective. PDF
Clare Carroll 612-617
Person-centered maternity services in New Zealand: a practice development initiative to improve the health of pregnant women and infants. PDF
Karen J. Hoare, Tana Fishman, Karen Francis, Jane Mills 618-626
Title: Implementing a person- centred model of service delivery and practice in neurological rehabilitation: Theoretical and practical considerations
Shawab Mir, Christine Carpenter

Book Reviews

Belief and Ageing; Spiritual pathways in later life. (Coleman, P.G) (2011). London: The Policy Press. PDF
Margot Elizabeth Lindsay 627-629


Trials: The worst possible design (except for all the rest) PDF
Vance T. Berger 630-631
There is no baby in the bath water PDF
James Penston 632
Evidence-based medicine or ignorance-based evidence? PDF
Clifford G Miller 633-634
On science, statistics and mental states PDF
Eyal Shahar 635-636

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