Published: 2012-12-06

Person-centered Education – I: Patients' learning needs after colorectal cancer surgery

M. Elisa Castro-Peraza, Nieves Lorenzo-Rocha, Kirsi Johansson, Encarnacion Garzon-Rodriguez, M. Inmaculada Sosa-Alvarez, Remedios Afonso-Martin, Lilisbeth Perestelo-Perez


Person-centered education – II: improving knowledge level of colorectal cancer patients through education

M. Elisa Castro-Peraza, Nieves Lorenzo-Rocha, Angeles Arias-Rodriguez, Kirsi Johansson, Vincente Medina-Arana, Inmaculada Sosa-Alvarez, Encarnacion Garzon-Rodriguez, M. Remedios Afonso-Martin


Training interaction in primary care emergency teams: the role of the patient

Helen Brandstorp, Anna Luise Kirkengen, Peder A. Halvorsen, Birgitte Sterud, Bjorgun Haugland


Links between patients' perception of research activities and hospitals' attractiveness

Julien Mancini, Claire Julian-Reynier, Isabelle Pellegrini, Norbert Vey, Lise-Marie Billard-Daufresne, Dominique Genre, Anthony Gonçalves, Patrice Viens, Christian Chabannon


Meta-analysis and meta-regression analyses explaining heterogeneity in outcomes of chronic care management for depression: implications for person-centered mental healthcare

Jolanda A.C. Meeuwissen, Lidwien C. Lemmens, Hanneke W. Drewes, Karin M.M. Lemmens, Lotte M.G. Steuten, Arianne M.J. Elissen, Hubertus J.M. Vrijhoef, Caroline A. Baan


A personalized preventive care model versus a traditional practice: comparison of HEDIS measures

Ralph E Seligmann, Lawrence P. Gassner, Ned D. Stolzberg, Nisal K. Samarasekera, Kimberly Warth, Andrea Klemes


Psychometrics of the “Family-Centred Care Survey – Adult Scale”

Marion Mitchell, Elizabeth Burmeister, Wendy Chaboyer, Linda Shields


Strengthening the appointment and tracking systems for patients on antiretroviral therapy in Tanzania: A optimizing adherence to ART as part of people-centered public health

Salama Mwatawala, David Sando, Rainalds Soni Malele, Candida Moshiro, Bernard Rabiel Senyael, Geofrey Somi, Amos Maselle, John Chalker, Dennis Ross-Degnan


Equity of access and variation in general surgeons’ clinical judgements of patient priority

Patrick Graham, Greg Martin, John Fraser John Fraser, Jacqueline Cumming, Helen Williams, Ann Davidson, Bryan Parry, Justin Roake, Andre van Rij