Vol 1, No 2 (2011)


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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Person-centered medicine: identifying the way forward PDF
Andrew Miles, Juan Mezzich 205-206

Regular Articles

The care of the patient and the soul of the clinic: person-centered medicine as an emergent model of modern clinical practice PDF
Andrew Miles, Juan Mezzich 207-222
A post-structuralist view of evidence-based medicine (EBM): what EBM contributes to philosophy PDF
Brian Walsh, Grant Gillett 223-231
Is Evidence-based Medicine positivist? PDF
Brian Walsh, Grant Gillett 232-239
The irrelevance of statistics-based research to individual patients PDF
James Penston 240-249
Research and medicine: human conjectures at every turn PDF
Eyal Shahar 250-253
What do stroke survivors think about the evidence-based stroke care they receive? Learning from insights at the “periphery”. PDF
Cherry Kilbride, Rhoda Allison, Philip H Evans 254-259
Scope for a ‘one size fits all’ rehabilitation approach after knee replacement? Heterogeneity in patient preferences makes this unlikely PDF
Justine Naylor, Rajat Mittal, David Greenfield, Jacqueline Milne, Victoria Ko, Ian A Harris, Sam Adie 260-267
Socio-demographic features of participants in randomized con-trolled trials for major depression: generalizability and individu-alization. PDF
Rosalind ven der Lem, Purdey M. Stamsnieder, Nic J.A. van der Wee, Tineke van Veen, Frans G. Zitman 268-278
Evidence-based Medicine and Patient-centered Care: Cross-Disciplinary Challenges and Healthcare Information Technology-enabled Solutions PDF
Roopa Raman 279-294
The Real World Failure of Evidence-Based Medicine PDF
Clifford G Miller, Donald W. Miller 295-300
I, Medical Robot. On the differences between a virtuous doctor and a good robot PDF
Petra Gelhaus 301-306
Do disadvantaged women appreciate a synergetic exercise and psycho-educative program? Rationale and process evaluation of the Exercise without Worries course PDF
Judith van der Waerden, Maria W.J. Jansen, Cees Hoefnagels, Clemens M.H. Hosman 307-316
A model of physician intentions toward initiating a dialogue about sexual health with women PDF
Gregory D. Salinas, Maziar Abdolrasulnia, Sharon Parish, Richard Sadovsky 317-328
Approaches to Muslim Women’s Health Care: implications for the development of culturally-sensitive medicine PDF
Bianca Stella Rodrigues 329-337
How do chronically ill patients evaluate their medical care? An observational study with 46919 patients in 676 primary care practices of direct relevance to person-centered medicine PDF
Katja Goetz, Stephen Campbell, Justin Rochon, Anja Klingenberg, Joachim Szecsenyi 338-346
Commentary on: “How do chronically ill patients evaluate their medical care? An observational study with 46919 patients in 676 primary care practices” [Goetz, K., Campbell, S., Willms, S., Rochon, J., Klingenberg, A. & Szecsenyi, J. (2011). International PDF
Antje Miksch 347
Implementation and evaluation of patient-centred care in experimental studies from 2000-2010: systematic review PDF
Salman Rawaf, Federica Amati, Andrea McDonald, Azeem Majeed, Elizabeth Dubois 348-357
A framework for doing person-centred health research PDF
Stephen Buetow 358-361
Eliciting patient views on choosing the next available surgeon to reduce waiting times for joint replacement surgery: on the need to consider individual patient preferences and information needs. PDF
Barbara Conner-Spady, Deborah Marshall, Eric Bohm, Michael Dunbar, Cy Frank, Gillian Hawker, Tom Noseworthy 362-368
Patient involvement and person-centered medicine in cardiovascular prevention: Modelling the items of the OPTION instrument on process steps of shared decision-making PDF
Heidemarie Keller, Oliver Hirsch, Meike Müller-Engelmann, Monika Heinzel-Gutenbrunner, Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, Tanja Krones 369-375
Making decisions in the mechanistic, probabilistic and scientific domains of medicine: a qualitative study of medical practitioners PDF
Miles Little, Jill Gordon, Pippa Markham, Wendy Lipworth, Ian Kerridge 376-384
Using electronic knowledge resources for person-centered medicine – I: An evaluation model PDF
Pierre Pluye, Roland M. Grad, Michael Shulha, Vera Granikov, Leung H. Leung 385-394
Using electronic knowledge resources for person-centered medicine - II: The Number Needed to Benefit from Information (NNBI) PDF
Pierre Pluye, Roland M. Grad, Naveen Mysore, Michael Shulha, Janique Johnson-Lafleur 395-404
To serve and protect? Electronic health records pose challenges for privacy, autonomy and person-centered medicine PDF
Talya Miron-Scahtz, Glyn Elwyn 405-409
Evaluation of a Patient Held Record for Post-Operative Surveillance of Patients with Colorectal Cancer: enhancing individual patient understanding and engagement in clinical care PDF PDF
Danielle A. Bischof, Barbara-Ann Maier, Andy J Smith, Margaret Fitch, Frances C. Wright 410-418
Implementation and evaluation of patient centred care in experimental studies from 2000-2010: systematic review Untitled ()
Federica Amati, Andrea Marie McDonald, Azeem Majeed, Elizabeth Dubois, Salman Rawaf

Book Reviews

Spirituality and Personhood in Dementia. (ed. Albert Jewell) (2011). Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. PDF
Margot Elizabeth Lindsay 419-421

ISSN: 2043 7749