Published: 2013-12-31

The Sixth Geneva Conference and Person-centered Health Research

Juan E Mezzich, James Appleyard, Michel Botbol, Tesfa Ghebrehiwet, Joanna Groves, Ihsan Salloum, Sandra van Dulmen


Background, Structure and Priorities of the 2013 Geneva Declaration on Person-centered Health Research

Luis Salvador-Carulla, C Robert Cloninger, Amalia Thornicroft, Juan Mezzich, 2013 Geneva Declaration Consultation Group


The EMPOWER (Enhancing, Managing, and Promoting Well-being and Resiliency) Program Within The Jaffe Food Allergy Institute – A person-centered care initiative

Brianna J. Lewis, Rachel A. Annunziato, Michael A. Ambrose, Melissa Rubes, Christina Supelana, Christine Low, Scott Sicherer, Eyal Shemesh


Clinical, psychosocial and personality characteristics of traumatized female patients: some implications for person-centered psychiatry

Ingrid Carlier, Sanne J.R. van Rijn, Marceline M.D. de Ree, Tineke van Veen, Jacqueline G.F.M. Hovens, Mieke A. van der Spek, Ineke Callewaert