Croatian Perspectives for Person Centered Care in Oncology

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Zoran Rakusic
Ana Misir Krpan
Vesna Bisof
Kristina Ruza Samardjic


In the last decade there has been a strong development and new discoveries in the field of oncology. Molecular biology has undergone the greatest evolution and this makes difficult for clinicians to follow closely. In fact, among thousands of new discoveries, only few have truly led to clear benefit for patients. When studying a person on a molecular level, we must never forget the person as a whole.There are more treatment options that should be tailored to each patients’ characteristics and wishes. Therefore, in developing person cantered care we should be attentive to the critical features of person centered medicine, i.e., ethical commitment, cultural sensitivity, holistic scope, relational focus, individualized care, common ground for diagnosis and care, people-centered organization of services, and person-centered health education and research. This paper summarized Croatian efforts to develop person-centered care for oncological conditions.

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Zoran Rakusic, University Hospital Centre Zagreb

Head of clinical ward for head and neck oncology


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