Vol 3, No 3 (2013)

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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

The World-wide Matrix of Person Centered Medicine PDF
Juan E Mezzich, James Appleyard 183-186

Regular Articles

Desirable Objects of Evaluation for Measuring Person-Centered Medicine: Conceptual Considerations Drawing on African Insights PDF
Werdie van Staden 187-190
The Role of Physician Immunization in Preventing Influenza Outbreaks: PDF
Tea E Collins 191-197
A Person-centered Approach to Diagnosis and Care for Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism PDF
Ihsan M. Salloum 198-204
Person-Centered Care at the End of Life PDF
Ted Epperly 205-209
Introduction to Research on Positive Health Oriented Psychotherapy PDF
Michel Botbol 210-211
Appraising Research on Positive Mental Health for Person Centered Medicine PDF
Margit Schmolke 212-215
Patient-perceived Resource Oriented Care at a German Dynamic Psychiatric Hospital: A Pilot Study PDF
Ilse Burbiel, Andrea Barrera 216-219
Outcome of Person-centered Care at a Dynamic-Psychiatric Hospital in Germany PDF
Maria Ammon, Gisela Finke 220-227
The GLADP-VR Person-centered Diagnostic Formulation: Back-ground, Concepts, and Structure PDF
Juan E Mezzich, Angel A. Otero, Javier E. Saavedra, Ihsan M. Salloum 228-242
Family Medicine and Community Orientation as a New Approach to Quality Primary and Person-centered Care in Thailand PDF
Yongyuth Pongsupap 243-247
No wait health care for children PDF
Paul Rosen 248-252


7th Geneva Conference PDF
2nd International Congress, Buenos Aires PDF

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