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World Medical Association (WMA) perspectives on Person Centered Medicine

Jon Snaedal


The World Medical Association (WMA) has been involved in the person-centered medicine initiative since it’s inception in 2008 with the annual Geneva conferences, an activity that later led to the creation of an organized partnership called the International College of Person Centered Medicine (ICPCM) and further by the establishment of the College’s official journal the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine (IJPCM). The WMA has in its policy documents addressed person-centered and related matters, even though there is not a specific policy on this issue at the time of writing. Among the policy documents of the WMA are International Code of Medical Ethics and the Helsinki Declaration on Research Involving Human Subjects as well as the Lisbon Declaration on the Rights of Patients. Nevertheless, the WMA clearly needs formally to articulate its policy in person-centered matters and that is one of the tasks that lies ahead.


Person-centeredness, Person Centered Medicine, World Medical Association

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