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Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine for Entry Level Sewers Review

Singer Confidence 7465 is the best Singer sewing machine for beginners with useful features and with fancy upgrading. If you are a curious person who likes to experiment with designs and stitching all the time, then this is just the right sewing machine for you. A wide variety of stitches and designs are suitable for beginners who want to customize everything from casual to formal design.

This sewing machine can target all your designing needs with ease. It’s a fully electronic sewing machine with all the modern-day features so you can compete with other designers or in the community. Let’s go through a complete review of this sewing model and what it has to offer you.

Built-in Stitches:

Singer Confidence 7465 consists of 50 different stitches to help you in sewing basic projects including decorative, utility, stretch and quilting as well. All the stitches are mentioned at the front of the sewing machine and you can select it by moving dialer. It also has 2 buttonholes and also you can make any area prominent by choosing decorative stitches for your garment.

You can find a stitch reference guide at the front of the sewing machine, as this sewing model is user-friendly so you don’t need to invest time.

Design and Quality:

This sewing machine is sturdy and stable that prevents your sewing model from wobbling. The appearance of this sewing machine is quite elegant and beautiful. Singer Confidence 7465 is a lightweight model so you can always travel with it anywhere you want to. You can feel the strong grip of the sewing machine on the table while working on heavy fabric.

If you are a beginner and you are looking for a better design of the sewing machine then there is no better sewing machine that this model. The quality of this sewing machine is top-notch so you can use it for multiple projects in upcoming years.

Automatic Needle Threading System:

Singer confidence 7465 can save user’s time by completing the whole procedure of sewing by itself. In old sewing machines, the user has to go through the whole path to pass the thread through the needle and for beginners that procedure was nothing but too annoying. Now in smart computerized sewing machines, it’s all about moving a lever and sewing machine will catch the thread with accuracy.

The automatic needle threading system in this model makes this sewing machine more attractive to users who have never used a sewing machine and are willing to learn by saving time.

Drop-in Bobbin:

In old sewing machines, people used to take time to set bobbins in a sewing machine and then they pull the thread from it. They also have to keep an eye on the bobbin to make sure that they are not running out of thread. To save user’s time and to make their work smart and speedy, easy sewing machine for beginners are coming up with a drop-in bobbin system.

Simply drop a bobbin inside the sewing machine and it has also come up with transparent cover so you can keep an eye on it. You can always wind up bobbin as soon as you start to run out of thread and it’s extremely easy to load.

LCD Screen:

The LCD screen of Singer Confidence 7465 sewing machine is small in appearance but it can show you settings of the sewing machine as well as stitch selection. When you are selecting a certain stitch for your project, you have to adjust the length and width of that stitch as well. In this case, this sewing machine can also show you length and width selection on the screen.

The LCD screen also shows you which presser foot to use according to the project requirement. This sewing machine can help you in almost anything and it’s a complete guide for you. The screen has made things easier for you.

Feed Dogs and Free-Arm:

Singer Confidence 7465 sewing machine has free-dogs which can be dropped by using a switch. These feed dogs are just not suitable when it comes to simplifying designing but it can also help you in tackling fabric with smoothness and ease. Feed dogs are of great help to any user who is using a sewing machine for the first time and who need professionalism in their work.

This model is suitable for beginners but it also has advanced features like free-arm function. This feature helps you in sewing small openings like collars, cuffs, sleeves, and others with neatness and smoothness. There will be no pressure on the garment while you are reaching difficult areas.


As Singer Confidence 7465 is suitable for the kind of sewers who are not familiar with any of the sewing machine mechanism. This is the reason you will just find basic features in this sewing model and there is no need to invest time in understanding it. This model has come up with limited accessories like a flimsy dust cover, bobbins, needles, hardcover, and other basic accessories.

The feed dogs of this sewing machine include all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, satin stitch foot, and blind stitch foot.

Fabric Handling:

As a beginner, you can't work on heavy fabrics like leather or velvet so you should always start attempting from simple and casual fabrics. This sewing machine has an amazing feeding system that prevents the fabric from any kind of damage from the sewing machine and handling is quite easy.

You don’t have to push and pull fabric all the time to cut threads and for other processes. It can handle casual and thin fabric like a pro and stitching quality will be top-notch.


If you are an absolute beginner and you have no idea How To Buy Top Sewing Machines For Beginners Buying Guide then I recommend you to go for Singer Confidence 7465 sewing machine. This model can provide you basic features until you are ready to move on to the next level of sewing. This sewing machine can give you a complete idea of how they usually work and this model is extremely affordable for anyone.