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Tips To Get A Long Penis Size - Hydromax Bathmate Pump

by Hydromax Magnum (2019-02-11)

The leading hydro penile pump manufacturer Bathmate has become a key focal point of the male enhancement industry, with a revolutionary new method of penis enlargement. The Bathmate operates whilst sitting in a bath, by creating a water vacuum for the penis to be drawn into. The core concept of penis pumps has been around for many years, however finding a private place to use such devices appears to be a challenging experience. With the hydro pump requiring use within a bathroom, a 20-minute pumping session will not seem abnormal, as the average time spent in the bath is 15 minutes.

The Hydromax Bathmate pump consists of various types:

Bathmate Series Goliath and Hercules Clear, Red, Blue
Hydromax X series X20, X30, X40 Clear
Hydromax Xtreme Series X20, Clear, X30 Clear, X40 Clear, X50 Clear, Red, Blue

All Bathmate products are made from special ingredients that are free of phthalate, are safe on the skin, and are made of medical grade material. Each model and size is specially designed and has been dermatologically tested by a renowned specialist clinic in the world. Aspen Clinical Research has tested Bathmate water-based penile pumps and proves that this product is safe to use in vital tool areas. It is certain that Bathmate is safe to use.

4 Tips To Get A Long And Thick Penis Size With Hydromax Pump

If you doubt the effectiveness of male enhancement products, then you should definitely try Bathmate and witness amazing, mindblowing results. With Bathmate, you can only expect nothing, but quick results realized safely and in the shortest time frame. If you’ve been doing some research on penis pumps, then there is a good chance you have read about the amazing power of Bathmate. When used correctly, you can look forward to Bathmate fast results.


1. Consider Trimming Your Pubic Hair
When you trim your pubic hair, you get a better seal that translates to quicker results that occur in just a matter of weeks.

2. The 5-Minute Breaks In Between Workouts Are Critical
It is highly recommended that you take breaks in between your workouts, as this helps promote blood flow. While taking the breaks, you can massage your genitals gently and after completing the massages, you can go ahead and reinsert your dick into your Bathmate Hydromax pump and carry on with the pumping. While this might seem like a simple strategy, it is highly effective in producing gains while improving your erections as well.

3. Pump Slowly
Some people pump too fast with the hopes of getting gains that occur quicker, but doing so only exposes you to the risk of injury. If you choose to pump too fast, you can easily bruise yourself and cause major discomfort. Therefore, slow down your speed of pumping and enjoy the experience as you look forward to impressive results.

4. Do Not Forget To Warm Up
To enjoy a pain-free pumping session, then you should always remember to warm up prior to commencing your Bathmate session. Warming up is a highly effective way of making your genitals relaxed and ready for the Bahtmate pumping session.

Bathmate Fast Results

The aforementioned tips help you to get maximum benefits from your penis pump. Moreover, they promote safe use of the device and an injury-free experience while making your dick bigger. It is advisable that you follow the guidelines and you will certainly enjoy the outcome. When it comes to results delivery, you can count on Bathmate hydropumps to produce results in a few weeks. Even so, the instant but temporary gains become visible within the first 15 minutes of pumping. No other penis enlargement device is on the same level as Bathmate.