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Blue Cheese in pregnancy

by Paw Kahya (2020-03-14)

Blue Cheese in pregnancy: this is the best way to deal with cheese and raw milk Can I eat blue cheese during pregnancy ? If raw milk is boiled for a long time, the Listeria bacteria are killed. Therefore, it is possible that you eat cheese with blue cheese if you cook the cheese for a long time before eating it. For example, if you make a sauce from Gorgonzola, the cheese should have become completely hot and not just melted. It is also best to cut off the bark of these varieties. For cheese, the general rule is that the longer the cheese matures, the less it can be eaten during pregnancy. Hard cheeses are therefore classified as very safe, even if they are also made from raw milk. However, the bacteria do not survive due to the long ripening period. Soft, sliced or semi-solid cheese can also have been made from raw milk. The ripening time also plays an important role here. Sour milk products made from pasteurized milk do not contain listeria. Yoghurt, cream cheese or curd cheese products are only sold from heated milk, so it is safe to consume. Cheese made from raw milk must have the label "Made from raw milk" on the packaging. If this note is missing, the milk has been pasteurized and can therefore be consumed. If you are not sure, you should ask or choose a different cheese.