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Meditation in a Bottle

by Mathew John (2020-01-13)

Every one of us has a critical voice in our Meditation in a Bottle Review heads that says, "You can't do this." Do you know what I am talking about? Just so we're clear, that critical voice is NOT you. So, what is it then? This little voice is opposed to you succeeding at anything, and is in fact the enemy. It wants you to lose and will try to talk you out of doing what is right. The time has come for you to do something different - instead of listening to that inner voice, face up to it. Say to it, "Just watch me!" This critical inner voice may be your enemy, but it is an enemy that will not control you anymore. You will now be listening to another voice inside your head... your true voice. Your true voice speaks to you from deep down, and you know when it speaks to you because you will feel a spark of empowerment - that's the voice you must listen to from here on out.