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by Kerry Mawby (2019-12-11)

Information, Tips, Important, Icon, SvgWhy is there a need to find out what composes an excellent blog? In order for a blogger to understand what will be the essential things needed to make an excellent and informative blog.

Here are a few characteristics that we need to know.

A good blog must be read and understood well by the readers. A prolonged article is useless in the event the readers did not get any information within the article's contents. As a blog writer, we need to make certain our articles would be rich in details on the our readers are searching for.

A blog needs to have a good commentary. A simple article about the products will bore our readers. Posting information regarding the products within the articles is simply like copying and rewriting what is being said in ads. Don't just simply reiterate what our readers already know, instead initiate a conversation.

Have an interactive blog post as this will keep our readers visit our site again for more updates. Gather feed backs or suggestions from our readers to help them know more about the products. By this, we would spend little time in posting new articles since the readers, themselves, continues on updating the post by adding more comments on our site.

We must keep our articles short and precise. The first 2 sentences in our article will make a significant difference, because this will be the judging point whether the readers will keep on reading or turn to the next site. It is a good idea to put our best foot forward in writing the very first part of our blog. Let us keep our articles short since the majority of people prefer to read shorter posts than those lengthy ones. Limit the articles to 7-9 short paragraphs containing approximately 4-6 sentences in each paragraph.

Bold text to emphasize ideas and thoughts. For longer blog posts it really is necessary to highlight important details. Bold texts make the words stand out and catch the attention of readers effectively. Post a question, if possible, because this will be the most effective way to get feed backs from your blog posts. This question will generate a conversation between our readers making it easier for us to reach out and converse with them. Using several spaces is also effective as this gives the readers time have a break and digest what they have just read.

Be mindful when using many different terminologies. Make certain to use words in the blog posts that may be understood by the readers. Put in mind that the blogs will be read by people of different age, race, educational attainment,etc. Keep it simple. It would make their reading experience of our blog posts more enjoyable.