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by Mathew John (2019-12-02)

They(these three factors) govern psycho-biological Detoxil Omega Formula Review changes in the body and physio-pathological changes too. Vata-pitta-kapha are present in every cell, tissue and organ. In every person they differ in permutations and combinations.In every person these three doshas differ in permutations and combinations and thereby determine the physiologic constitution (Prakriti) of an individual. Vata, pitta and kapha are distinctly present in every individual and express in each human being differently according to predominance of their different qualities (gunas).When the Tridoshas are balanced, the individual experiences health on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual. This is much more than the mere absence of disease. Vata dosha is associated with all the movement in the body, may it be spiritual like flow of thought; or physical like blood flow in our veins. One major function of this is the flow of neural impulses. In addition to these major functions, Vata also controls and governs the other two doshas. This means that achieving balance of it is the first priority. Since this dosha is characterized by movement, it can get easily unbalanced as compares to the other two.