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Happy Keto Body Program

by Jerome Princy (2019-09-28)

When we trigger this physiological Happy Keto Body Program Review stress response with toxic input, one of the many effects is that stress hormones, like cortisol, are released. Most people who have been battling weight issues are familiar with cortisol. It's the hormone that causes us to gain weight, particularly around our mid sections, and have a tough time losing it. Unless we remove the toxic stimuli, we'll keep pumping out stress hormones and we'll actually crave more fat and sugar so the body can make more of the hormones. It's a vicious cycle! What are toxic (and deficient) stimuli that trigger this stress response and cause us to gain weight and not be able to lose it? In the area of nutrition, toxic choices can be anything that is not "real" food, whole food, food in its closest form to what's found in nature, and food that is not pure. Unfortunately, the vast majority of "diet", low-fat, fat-free and sugar-free foods fall into the category of toxic choices. How ironic! When it comes to movement, the most profound toxic choice is sedentary living. If we're not regularly moving, we are perpetuating the stress response. Finally, regarding mindset and our emotional/mental health, toxic choices can be anything that is not consistent with a state of joy, balance, unconditional love of self, gratitude, forgiveness and so on. You can imagine how often we create toxicity in this area! When it comes to weight loss, we can diet and exercise until we're blue in the face. But, if we're still making toxic choices we will continue to trigger the physiological stress response and sabotage our well-intentioned efforts. Not only will you improve your overall health and function by making better choices in nutrition, movement and mindset, but you'll dramatically improve your chances of achieving your optimal body composition. That being said, I recommend that you focus on Health FIRST. A better body is the natural by-product to better health! For those struggling with healthy diets for weight loss, hope seems lost. Many plans have made a lot of money touting results, but they seem to lack results when times are rough. Many diets require you to invest lots of money into pre-made food, or consulting, and boring meetings. You don't have to spend a lot of money to lose weight, that is a fact. You can lose weight without having to sacrifice too much, and start seeing results fast. Recently, a breakthrough plan came out creating a wealth of opportunity for those looking to better their lives. This plan is called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, and it calls for only 11 days of your time. If you can invest less than two weeks of your time into this program, and you will see the results. You won't have to wait 45 days, 90 days, or more to start seeing results like with other plans. That's the first key difference between this plan and others. Don't believe the hype, low fast foods don't work. Many pre-packaged low fat foods are heavily processed and really aren't conducive to losing weight. They do not help fight fat, and can really be something that will contribute to your failure.