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Raikov Effect

by Jerome Princy (2019-09-26)

This means that, no matter Raikov Effect Review how scary it seems or how much you think you are going to irritate people - you have to be ready to form. Be ready/willing to form, or be formed. What keeps people from doing it - being dominant; keeps them from fully doing their own thing whatever other people think of it - is that it somehow will damage other people. But is that true, or simply a preconceived notion that is just not true..? I think, if done in an honest way -- where you simply DO IT, with no second thoughts, as opposed to making a big thing out of you doing your own thing; thinking you are cool for doing it -- I think it does not at all irritate people... but, on the contrary, it inspires people -- it will inspire all the others who thought the same things, but now see it can be done without being a jackass to anyone! So, if anything, you will be an inspiration. Quite a turnaround huh..? So the next time you are thinking of taking that big step - whatever that may be for you; it does not matter what it is, as it apparently is important enough to you to call it a big step -- just take it. The next time the thought of realizing a dream comes up in your head, disregard any thoughts that tell you you should not do it - and, it would be an honor if you did use the arguments I have stated here for taking that big step. I hope you are dominant and reach success! Perhaps this is an unusual introduction to an article on personal development or self improvement but, I would like to start by quoting 50 Cent - yeah, the rapper 50 Cent - who said "Most people can't handle boredom. That means they can't stay on one thing until they get good at it. And they wonder why they're unhappy." Unfortunately, we have a big problem with patience and perseverance because we live in a world where we expect instant results. If we're hungry, we want fast food! If we're feeling down we want instant gratification - hence the proliferation of so-called anti social behaviour brought on by (and I'm quoting a couple of teenagers on this one) going out at night with the sole intention of getting drunk! Again, our desire for instant kicks is exemplified by the fact that pornography is one of the biggest online businesses. And again, there's an ongoing spiralling rise in drug abuse, soft and hard. In exactly the same way, television is teaching us that anyone can be an overnight success - whether it's American Idol, Britain's Got Talent or the X-Factor, we've a whole new breed of people who think that you don't have to work, persevere at and stick with something to become a success. Little wonder that Usher recently said that such shows were slowly killing the music industry. But enough! This article is not about the music industry, TV or, indeed, sex, drugs and rock and roll - this article is about success and how to achieve it.