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Blood Sugar Premier

by Jerome Princy (2019-09-25)

You might not have expected Blood Sugar Premier Review to see sleep as part of a program to handle Type 2 diabetes, but sleep has a very strong impact on your health. Lack of sleep can not just sap your energy and your motivation to stick with your healthy lifestyle plan, but it can affect your hormones, which then promotes insulin resistance, belly fat and Type 2 diabetes. Sleep Lack: Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine found people who slept less than 5-1/2 hours or more than nine hours nightly, were more likely to have glucose tolerance problems, compared with people who got about eight hours of sleep. Other research has shown sleep lack, and lack of quality sleep, increases your blood sugar levels and the risk of developing more severe Type 2 diabetes Sleep Helps Lose Belly Fat: In October 2010 the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a clinical experiment in which dieters were told to try to get either 5-1/2 or 8-1/2 hours of sleep every night while eating less. One group lost a lot more belly fat than the other. In this study, the dieters were all told to try to eat 10 per cent fewer calories (kilojoules) every day. This translates to 150 to 350 calories (630 to 1470 kilojoules) a day, about the equivalent of passing up a bagel, a big cookie, or a serving of French fries every day. The long-sleep group actually managed to get an average of 8 hours 17 minutes sleep per night, but while the short-sleep group actually managed to get an average of 5 hours 14 minutes sleep per night. If you are a diabetic then you need to take care of yourself more than a normal person. Because diabetes is a disease which can be controlled only through precautions and there is no hard and fast cure available for this disease. You can lower its effects but you cannot eliminate them. In this article we will discuss some very important factors that help you in having a healthy and normal life. First of all you should make it a habit to exercise on daily basis. Daily exercise will help you control your blood sugar level, your cholesterol, and your fat level and helps you prevent heart diseases too. Many diabetic people have problems with their lower terms as foot knees. So before starting to work out you should visit a doctor in order to inspect your feet properly and make sure that there are no blisters or sores.


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