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Thyroid Rescue 911

by Cynthia Richards (2019-09-18)

From its gross structure to microscopic Thyroid Rescue 911 Review levels, bone construction was designed for great strength while maintaining a great economy for material and weight. However, despite its apparent toughness, bone is a living structure. It responds to metabolic and nutritional changes as well as endocrine influences. Bone undergoes constant reorganization while maintaining a certain degree of hardness necessary for its supportive and protective functions. Parathyroid hormone is responsible for controlling the extracellular calcium and phosphate concentrations. It does so by regulating intestinal reabsorption, renal excretion and the exchange between the extracellular fluid and the bone. Parathyroid hormones are produced by the parathyroid glands located posterior to the thyroid gland. Normally, humans possess four parathyroid glands but in some cases, there could be as many as six. Removal of half the number of parathyroid glands may not affect the normal physiology much. However, the removal of three out of four of the normal glands may result in transient hypothyroidism. This means that even if only one of the parathyroid glands remain, it can compensate for the loss of the other three glands.