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by Bianca Rutledge (2019-09-15)

Having played many, many poker games in my time and having studied numerous gurus and professional players for tips and strategy advice, I have finally learned one guaranteed method for walking away from any poker game no matter what cards I am dealt or who I am playing against.

Online-Gambling-5.jpgQuite simply, please understand, I am not much of a great statistics man and I sure do not have a photographic memory. I also can not read my opponents any better or differently than the next guy. As such, what's my secret? How do I play consistently winning poker and avoid losing ANY cash, EVER?

You may be expecting a brilliant way to read your opponent, or a statistics shortcut for determining consistent odds, but the strategy I employ is even simpler than that. Ready for it?

I don't play poker for money.

There, I said it. Probably not what you were expecting and perhaps not what you were wanting to read. But that's it and that's all.

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE playing poker. There are actually few games I love playing more. Several of the best and most fun times I have spent with friends and family are already around the poker table. But why does playing poker mean you need to risk your hard-earned cash to enjoy it? Put simply, it doesn't have to mean that at all. Why not buy a nice group of poker chips, maybe clay poker chips and also a cool poker case and enjoy playing this great game when you would some other great home game.

With relatives and friends.

Within your home, favorite hangout, or maybe your office.

With great poker chips that you could learn to do fancy tricks with.

And never have to be concerned about how you can explain or reason away the cash you lost to your wife, mother, father, and worst, yourself.

Enjoy playing poker, it's a fantastic game. But why not give it a try playing it for casino online the enjoyment of the game which it is and not for the "potential" windfall it may bring. I think you'll find, like I have, that playing poker without any cash on the line is one of the greatest ways to spend time with those you enjoy being with, without ever leaving the table a "loser", no matter what!