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by Jerome Princy (2019-09-14)

Another suggestion, favored by FloraSpring ACE-certified Weight Management and Lifestyle Consultant Deborah Low, is to be 'pro-active' about cravings. They often seem to arise randomly and beyond our conscious control but closer examination often reveals them to be considerably more predictable than we might at first imagine. They frequently accompany stressful moments, such as immediately before a period or when worries about a major work commitment intensify. Low suggests that indulging modestly in a favorite snack at such moments is unlikely to lead to wrack and ruin, provided the emphasis is placed upon the word 'modest.' One or at the most two cookies rather than an entire pack, a square or two of chocolate (preferably dark chocolate, too) rather than a half-pound bar, or a scoop of ice cream rather than a quart are what she has in mind. Permitting oneself such minor transgressions, without guilt and self-punishment, may save the diet rather than spoil it. Another issue to consider is the speed at which one eats. Individuals who gorge and binge often eat huge quantities of food at a fantastically fast rates - bingeing in fact is uncontrolled eating, and usually erupts when a period of strict abstinence has collapsed (possibly aided and abetted by one of those stressful moments). With pro-active, modest and controlled 'treat' snacking though, an excellent strategy is to slow the pace of eating, savoring each bite in the process. This allows time for hormonal messages to be exchanged between the gut and the brain, effectively permitting the brain to say 'Stop eating now, you're full.' Fast eating fails to allow this to happen. So, the strategy might be to allow twenty minutes before the first and the second cookie, by the end of which time the second cookie may not seem so irresistible after all. The longer one can persist with a healthy diet, the more one's taste buds 'acclimatize' to it. Who have successfully made the transition claim that they still experience food cravings, but this time for healthy options such as fruit, nuts, and raw vegetable snacks like carrot sticks. Patience and self-forgiveness, along with a little modest and planned-for indulgence, can go a long way toward helping everyone make the same transition. We are all physically designed to have Abs, it's in our DNA make up, the difference is that some strive to maintain this look while others allow themselves to slip and stop taking care of themselves. Abs can first be noticed in well toned babies and children, more often in the active children with an over active metabolism, when fat is naturally burned in the body the definition of the abs become more profound. The most noticeable part of the human body and the most unconsciously observed part of the body without one even being aware of their admiration.