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by Precious Rose (2019-08-30)

So you just started playing poker and you understand the guidelines but you cannot seem to win. Let's turn that around so you can start winning. Whether you are playing in home poker games or at the local casino follow these three golden rules and also you will set yourself up for success at the tables.

Golden Rule Number One - Quit Seeing so many Flops

A lot of new players see entirely way to many flops. The old saying goes, "you can't win by folding your hands". Although this is true it should read like this, "you cannot win by folding your GOOD hands". You should play conservative when you are first beginning especially when you first sit down at the table. Many beginners are superficial thinkers were they only think how good the cards they have are. Elevate that line of thought to "I wonder how good my card are in comparison to the other players". The bottom line is tighten up your play. Play pocket pairs and face cards like QJ, AJ, KQ, AK, KJ to start until you get a feel for the additional players and what sort of game you are in. There's nothing wrong with folding more often, plus you definitely will appear as a tighter player so other players will think you are only entering flops the place you have good cards.

Golden Rule Number Two - Play in Position

What this signifies is play in hands where you are the last person to act. It's great to be associated with hands when you are either on the button or perhaps the button has just passed you. It means that everyone else at the table shall have to check, bet or call a raise prior to deciding to do. This provides you with insight as to what the other players holdings are. This is called being in late position. In the event you are in a hand and also the first person to act raises then the next person re-raises, just fold unless you've got KK or AA. This is a really strong move that folks typically make once they are holding a monster hand. If you were in early position and someone re-raised you will be less reluctant to fold but you should here and also re-raising before the flop is an extremely strong move. When playing most of your hands in late position it can make it easier to fold and saves you a lot of cash.

Golden Rule Number Three - Don't Chase

I have seen this time and time again where players are waiting to hit the straight or even the flush and they keep calling and keep losing money only to never hit. Know your odds. You've got about a 38% chance of hitting a straight or flush should you have 4 cards between your hand and the flop to make your hand. Let's go through an example. There is $10 in the pot and also you need one more card to hit your flush (38% chance of hitting). The player behind you just bet $10 making it a $20 pot and you have to call $10. You will need to call 50% of the pot to be able to give yourself a 38% chance of winning. This is a bad bet and overtime you will lose money. At the same time in that same scenario if there is $10 in the pot and also the player behind you bets $4 making the pot $14 and you have to call $4. You need to call 28% of the pot and you have a 38% chance of winning. Call, this is the best bet. There are actually an abundance of free resources online casino where you can find simple poker math.