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Lower Back Pain With Period Symptoms And Remedies

by ALI ALI (2019-07-23)

Lower Back Pain With Period Symptoms And Remedies



All women experience some sort of period symptoms. However, when you experience lower back pain with period symptoms it can be really distracting. It can keep you from getting comfortable in any position. It can stop you from focusing on your job. It may even keep you from getting out of bed. So, what can you do about it?

Understand It:

The first thing you can do about it is try to understand it. After all, there is a reason behind your back pain. For example, when you experience severe cramping (dysmennorrhea), it can create back pain. Also, if you are experiencing heavy bleeding then the excessive amount of blood can press on organs and muscles, creating back spasms and aches. So, if you can control your hormone levels and your blood flow, you should be able to reduce back pain.

The Easiest Treatments:

There are a couple of easy treatments for period-related back pain. One of them is pain medication. However, pain medication doesn't treat the hormone levels, chemical imbalances or heavy bleeding. So, it's only a temporary cover, not a fix. Also, many medications can cause side effects that are worse than the symptoms of your period.

The other easy treatment for back pain is a heating pad or taking a hot shower. Sometimes the heat and moisture can relieve the pain. However, the effects are usually only temporary and they don't help to stop the symptoms from occurring. So, you may also want to look into some other natural treatment and prevention ideas.

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Change The Way You Eat:

One thing you can do to reduce back pain during your period is change the way you eat. You see, a lot of period related back pain has to do with retaining water or having an excessive amount of hormones on your system. Some of that can be controlled through your diet.

For example, eating too much salt can actually cause your body to retain more water. So, it would be beneficial to stop eating salty snacks, especially around the time of your period. Joint N-11 It's also a good idea to avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and chocolate, since they can all make your symptoms worse, even if they do seem to help temporarily.

Take Supplements:

Another thing you can do in order to support your body is take a supplement. Often, vitamins and minerals can help to regulate your hormone levels and relieve pain. Not only that, but many supplements also contain natural herbs, which are tried and true period remedies. Some of them have even been used as period symptom remedies by Native Americans for hundreds of years.

B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K are some of the most important vitamins for your body, especially during period times. When you combine them with minerals, such as iron, magnesium and calcium, you can often control heavy blood flow, cramping, bloating, mood swings and, of course, severe back aches. In fact, when you experience lower back pain with period symptoms, you may also find that herbs, such as white willow bark and evening primrose, can immediately bring you relief. So, the best thing to do is find a supplement that contains all of those elements and start taking that supplement before your symptoms have a chance to get out of control.