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Pod Systems: Things to Know about Vape Pods

by anthony daniel (2019-04-05)

As it soars in popularity, more and more smokers are turning to vaping as an avenue to ditch the stick.

Truth is, though, a good deal of ex-smokers with the best intentions are running into two basic hurdles that are making some of them relapse into old habits. One is the inefficiency of some cheap vaporisers, and two is the unnecessary complexity of some modern mods.

And if we were to be honest, making the switch from smoking to vaping with a mod is quite the leap. There is just a lot to contend with – selecting the best wattage for your tank, choosing your e-liquids, changing coils, cleaning the tank etc. It can be a culture shock of sorts.

Basic vaporisers and the largely ineffective cig-a-likes are not without their own quirks either, most notably the inability to deliver the satisfying sensation that was delivered by combustible cigarettes.

So, what to do?

Luckily, there is a middle ground: Pod systems. Pods like the AV Nano Disposable are helping bridge this gap by mimicking the smoking sensation without the dangers that come with burning tobacco.

Unfortunately, this solution did not exist for a long time. Thanks to necessity – always the mother of invention – and some ingenuity, however, smokers finally have a device that boosts their chances of putting out the cigarette for good.

What are POD Systems?

Pods are ultra-portable units that serve as a bridge between the basic gas station vape pens and the more advanced mods.

Disposable in nature, they resemble a cartomiser in design, although tend to be more versatile in terms of power and liquid capacity. The underlying difference between pods and traditional cartos is that pod systems contain everything you need – coil, wick and e-liquid.

These pre-filled devices are designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhalation technique which is similar to that of smoking a tobacco cigarette. This involves drawing vapour into your mouth, letting linger for a few seconds, before inhaling.

While this has proven popular among smokers looking for as close an experience to smoking as possible, there is also another factor which explains their flying-off-the-shelves popularity: nic salts.

The ideal pod system is one that makes use of nicotine salts in place of the regular freebase nicotine used in the manufacture of most e-liquids.

Nicotine salts are absorbed into the body faster than standard vape juice, delivering an instant gratification similar to a tobacco cigarette’s, albeit in a smoother fashion.

Pros and Cons of Pod Systems

As with every vaping approach, pod systems, aka vape pods, come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to evaluate these two aspects before you determine whether or not these ultra-portable vaporisers are for you.


Compact Design – One of the advantages of vape pods lies in their design. They are smaller than most devices on the market, making them not only portable, but also very discreet.

No-Frills – Pod systems like the Nano Disposable come pre-filled. This absolves users of the need to keep refilling with this or that e-liquid or the constant cleaning and maintenance procedures. Simply buy, use for a few days, then dispose when it’s out.

Stronger Nicotine Hit – Despite their small size, disposable pods carry a high amount of nicotine than even a $100 mod would find hard to match. This is thanks to the new delivery method that is nicotine salts which makes it possible to lace e-liquid with higher nicotine concentrations without negatively impacting on flavour or smoothness. Case in point, 36mg of nicotine of standard e-liquid may be unpleasant for many vapers, but these same users can comfortably do the same amount in nicotine salt e-liquid without batting an eye. That’s why nic salts are gaining popularity.

Ease of Use – While not all pod systems adhere to this design aspect, most of these disposable devices are auto-activated (fired by drawing on the device instead of a button press). The intuitiveness is visible in the overall design as pods are intended to be used with minimal effort. The air sensor activation aside, there is also the element of coming pre-filled which eliminates the hassle of – well – refilling, dripping in your refills, as well as atomiser replacement.

Leak Proof – This is a headache few vapers are immune to. With normal tanks, there is always the possibility of liquid seeping through the littlest of openings or a cap loosening up. This is not an issue when it comes to pod systems. These little guys are pre-built and equipped with disposable cartridges, so there is little risk of suffering leaky tanks.


Everything that has advantages has its disadvantages, and disposable pods are not exempt to this party rule.

Limited Flavour Selection – Pods do come with a selection of flavours – that much is there. The AquaVape Nano Disposable, for instance, is available in Salt Nic Tobacco, Salt Nic Menthol and Salt Nic Berries. However, what you won’t get is the embarrassment of options you are guaranteed with personal vaporisers and mods that can be replenished with a smorgasbord of e-liquid flavours. In the ever-evolving world of vaping, however, you can’t bet against manufacturers expanding their product ranges.

Smaller E-Juice Capacity – Due to their small size, vape pods obviously carry less e-juice. Most pods’ capacity falls in the range 1mL to 2mL. On the flipside, while this might sound like little, it still amounts to about a full pack of cigarettes!

Low Battery Life – While pod systems have a higher battery capacity compared to their disposable cousins, they cannot hold court against regular vaporisers or the even more impressive box mods.

If you have tried cig-a-likes and vape pens without any results, or the intricacies of the standard box mod overwhelms you, maybe it’s time to give portable pod systems a try.