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Ultra Manifestation Review

by Lyla Zarella (2020-05-14)

It's the moment we recognise God Ultra Manifestation has caught up with us. It's the moment our fraud comes to light, but we find grace doesn't judge it. It's the common fraud called sin. It's both a transformative and a terrifying moment. But we face a just and trustworthy God. We are safe in His hands. And revival is about to break out in and through us, as a person of God. And though it will shake us to our feet, the result will glorify God. We've perhaps been a person of God for years. Maybe we're brand new to this kind of faith. It matters little where we come from, or from how far we've come. What matters right now is this moment of holy reckoning. It's as if we're dressed to rehearse our meeting with God where, once for all time, we must give an account. And arriving at such a moment, on this side of eternity, is the blessing of a lifetime, no matter what it seems to cost.

What Is Ultra Manifestation?