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Joint Relief 911 Review

by Lyla Zarella (2020-05-26)

Days 14-90. The last stage is called the remodeling Joint Relief 911 stage. Here is where the haphazard scar tissue glue that formed in the proliferation stage begins to orientate itself and becomes more specific to the function of the muscle/tendon. This is greatly influenced by the external stresses placed on it. More collagen is added here to reinforce the weak scar tissue and tensile strength begins to develop as more tissue is laid down. Collagen reorientation and strength increases slowly, reaching 70% of the initial strength in six months to two years. The new scar tissue remodelled almost always differs from the original muscle/tendon it replaces by having fewer connective tissue cells, fewer blood vessels and more disorganised cells. Most of the time, the new scar tissue/muscle does not restore 100% to what it used to be, and therefore is vulnerable to further injury later on. As an example, a hamstring strain normally takes three weeks

What Is Joint Relief 911?