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The internet reacts to Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck, the wild-looking cyberpunk dream

by Ashley Bannan (2020-02-14)

26907174160_5acff12566_b.jpgid="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> On Thursday,Β Elon MuskΒ introduced the Tesla Cybertruck, an electric pickup that you might use to take Grandma to church, if Grandma is named Mad Maxine and lives inside the movie Blade Runner. Looks aside, it's no joke. As Roadshow's Tim Stevens and Andrew Krok point out, "given its relative performance and price, the Cybertruck could be a massive success for Tesla as it enters into the largest segment in the US market." (Tesla promises an aggressive starting price a hair below $40,000.)

You can reserve one for just $100, and if you're not yet sold, Tesla is making a new all-terrain vehicle that can charge in the truck's bed (not included in the truck's price). But maybe don't throw metal balls at the supposedly unbreakable windows. After they were dented in a public demonstration, Musk promised the company will fix that.

Elon wanted to show off the Cybertruck's tough "armored" glass. It, uhh, didn't go exactly to plan... website

β€” Roadshow (@roadshow) November 22, 2019 But the truck's futuristic, I-can-survive-a-nuclear-explosion looks, coupled with the metal-ball fiasco, revved up the internet meme machine.

First, the basic look of the car earned plenty of comparisons and jokes. "Finally, my boy Elon Musk made the car I always drew when I was five," wrote one Twitter user.

Finally my boy @elonmusk made the car I always drew when I was five.
πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ»@Tesla #Cybertruck

β€” Ian Hecox (@SmoshIan) November 22, 2019 live look at elon musk #cybertruck

β€” NeoN: Automataster (@neontaster) November 22, 2019 Elon Musk must really love the movie Total Recall. #cybertruck #Tesla

β€” EV (@vander_living) November 22, 2019 catch me riding this around vice city

β€” Gmr. Cynical Optimist (@2WayIntrsctn) November 22, 2019 At this exact moment Elon Musk visualized the #Cybertruck

β€” Kathiana (@iconkathiana) November 22, 2019 I was so convinced that was not the real #Cybertruck and they were going to bring out the real one at the end.

β€” Linz DeFranco (@LinzDeFranco) November 22, 2019 Wow the new Tesla #Cybertruck is sweet.

β€” Windows Central Gaming (@WCGamingTweets) November 22, 2019

β€” Simone Giertz (@SimoneGiertz) November 22, 2019 Accidentally locked my baby inside my piping hot Cybertruck and I can't break the glass. Fastening a breaching charge to the windshield. Cover your eyes sweetie

β€” the great Marcus Aurelius from The Gladiator (@alexqarbuckle) November 22, 2019 Familiar with the "gonna tell my kids" meme, where users post a photo of something that's definitely not what they claim it is? Yeah, that got a workout thanks to the Tesla Cybertruck. "Gonna tell my kids this is Knight Rider," wrote one Twitter user.

Gonna tell my kids this is Knight Rider. #Cybertruck

β€” Reed S. Albers (@ReedSAlbers) November 22, 2019 gonna tell my kids this was the delorean

β€” Kaelyn (@utkae) November 22, 2019 i'm gonna tell my kids this was the new tesla #Cybertruck

β€” yadeer (@yadeer_) November 22, 2019 Gonna tell my kids that this was the first official truck of Mars @elonmusk @Tesla #Tesla #teslatruck website

β€” gaurav bhasme (@gauravbhasme) November 22, 2019 gonna tell my kids this was the Tesla #Cybertruck

β€” Campbell Simpson (@csimps0n) November 22, 2019 The window-smashing debacle about broke the internet with reactions. "Not for nothing, but the smashed windows actually complete the whole 'driving my luxury armored command unit through the violent slums to elysium transfer station for my offworld vacation' look in a really pleasing way," wrote Max Read.

not for nothing but the smashed windows actually complete the whole "driving my luxury armored command unit through the violent slums to elysium transfer station for my offworld vacation" look in a really pleasing way

β€” Max Read (@max_read) November 22, 2019 When everything's going wrong but you still gotta finish your presentation #Cybertruck

β€” Tryphon342 (@tryphon342) November 22, 2019 When I trust someone with my feelings πŸ˜” #Cybertruck #Tesla

β€” Rafa (@rafadl_) November 22, 2019 what could go wrong

β€” Ryan Mac πŸ™ƒ (@RMac18) November 22, 2019 Glass window: *Is made of glass*

Solid steel ball: "I'm about to end this mans whole career"#Cybertruck #Tesla

β€” Mason (@masonmaelstrom) November 22, 2019 the highlight of Tesla's reveal is when the window breaks during the strength test but when they get the ball back Elon insists the dude try again

β€” Quinton Reviews 🎬 (@Q_Review) November 22, 2019 I think it was pretty lucky Tesla broke the truck's window during that demonstration... because everyone is talking about that and not about the fact that they made a LUXURY TANK TO DRIVE THOUGH THE GHOST TOWNS OF THE APOCALYPSE.

β€” Sam Rosenholtz (@srosenholtz) November 22, 2019 Not all the reactions were negative. "Elon is playful, but Elon isn't playing. Underestimate him at your own risk."

Elon is playful, but Elon isn't playing. Under estimate him at your own risk.

β€” Alter Yang (@Rec1pr0city) November 22, ν† λ ŒνŠΈ μ‚¬μ΄νŠΈ 2019 Growing up around Edwards AFB/Lockheed/Northrop- those stealth bomber angles are part of what I really like about the design. It's comfortable, like being home.

β€” Darth TitiπŸ•Έus. (@_darthzombie) November 22, 2019 The unintentional breaking of the window at the Tesla Cybertuck reveal is typical of Tesla the company: take massive risks; break shit; fail miserably and publically; be ridiculed by the masses but ultimately deliver. In spades. And change the game. That is why I'm a shareholder

β€” Jovan Vucetic (@jovanvucetic) November 22, 2019