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If you are aspiring first home buyer or investor, you probably require exploring all the ways to achieve the dream of your home

by Michell Stagg (2020-01-28)

If you are aspiring first home buyer or investor, you probably require exploring all the ways to achieve the dream of your home. When you have heard about the house and land package and is not exactly aware of how they work, read the guide in this article. You will get answer to your questions and the answers will put you on the right path to unlocking your front door!

Important things to know

Property developers acquire land that is released by the government and they provide two different types of house and land packages for the buyer to choose from. You have an option whereby there is an option to buy you land and then build your home with a construction loan.

The second is to buy the house completed on the developers land. Referred to as ready-made packages, this means your home is ready for you to move in with a full kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and more.

Advertised with a single, fixed price for land and construction, turnkey properties won't leave you any nasty surprises, such as builders calling up for more money mid-construction, because of underquoting. You will know all the costs upfront and the expected period for the build. The peace of mind with a smooth construction and being able to move in quicker makes it an easy choice for many first time home builders.

You may be aware of new estates popping up in your local area, but you can also find house and land packages advertised on major real estate listing websites. Choice and opinion are yours, but it is important to consider various things when buying a house or land package.

Things to consider when buying a house and land package


Various platforms offer home and land packages. The platforms have professional agents to help home buyers get the dream home of their choice. In order to get the best options, research and you will get remarkable options.


Many home and land contractors offer home and land packages. In addition, they have experts whereby one of the experts from the home and land packages contact to assist you and shortlist the best home and land packages.


When buying home and land 오션파라다이스릴게임 packages, it is first required to consider infrastructure of the area. Usually, it is seen that there is a lack of public transport from the home and land packages that are under development stage. This means that commuting could create trouble. It is needed to look over the factors whereby everything is sorted before owning.


Another potential thing to consider is the package that includes inflated costs for marketing and commissions that might not always be transparent and could increase the price of your home. Ensure you do research and ask the right questions before leaping into anything unknown. If you purchase the land first, you may also have extra costs if the soil is hard or if it is situated on the slope.

Consider other things as well, and you will be able to get the best package that includes home as well as the land.

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